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Copyright Information and Use of Site

BAPTISTERIA SACRA is a project published by ITER, itself a not-for-profit entity created by a partnership of the Renaissance Society of America, the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies of Victoria University at the University of Toronto, the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University in Tempe, the Faculty of Information Studies at the University of Toronto and the John P. Robarts Library at the University of Toronto.


BAPTISTERIA SACRA, known also as BSI or the BAPTISTERIA SACRA INDEX, means the compilation of BSI or BAPTISTERIA SACRA RECORDS and any materials contained therein.

BAPTISTERIA SACRA RECORDS means the catalogue record and all multi-media documentation of baptismal font in the BAPTISTERIA SACRA.

DESIGNATED USER means any person authorized to receive access to and use the BAPTISTERIA SACRA under the terms and conditions of their agreement with ITER. Each license permits the licensing institution to define its "designated users" within the classes of users allowed. For universities and other institutions, these are all staff, students, researchers and visitors to the institution.


All works contained therein, and other materials related to the BAPTISTERIA SACRA are protected under US, Canadian and international copyright laws and other applicable intellectual property and proprietary information legislation.

Republication and redistribution of works in the BAPTISTERIA SACRA, including scholarly publication and posting materials on public access web sites are not permitted without the expressed consent of copyright owners.

Links to Other Web Sites

Baptisteria Sacra grants permission for links to be established from other sites to the BSI site, but specifically does not grant permission for the copying of any materials from the BSI site to another site.

Database Searches

A designated user may make a limited number of hard copies of any search output that does not contain a significant segment of the database. These copies must be used for only personal use and may not be sold or published under any circumstances without the expressed consent of copyright owners. In no case is commercial duplication, distribution or sale of any portion of this site or database permitted.


Images available on this WEB site and in this database are copyrighted to BAPTISTERIA SACRA and/or copyright holders and may be used only for research purposes. Unless otherwise indicated, all images remain the copyright ownership of BAPTISTERIA SACRA. In a few instances, some images cannot be displayed due to copyright restrictions.

The copyright laws of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) and Canada (Copyright Act) govern the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Photocopies of any images in this database cannot be " used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research."

Viewers are advised to consult the copyright notice supplied for each image displayed.

Website Design and Maintenance

Marc Lalonde, Web Coordinator, Information Technology Services, University of Toronto Libraries, (2000 - )

Harriet Sonne de Torrens and Miguel Torrens, Baptisteria Sacra, Iter, University of Toronto

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