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The images used as part of each baptismal font record represent a selection of those existing in the BSI IMAGE ARCHIVE. These images have been specifically prepared for WEB access.Anyone requiring to use a BSI image for publication or other dissemination purposes should contact BSI. (see Contact Us and Copyright.)

The BSI Image Archives

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On-site at Deerham, England

On-site at Sandringham, England

Most of the images which appear in the BAPTISTERIA SACRA index are a digital rendition for WEB display of photographic materials collected by the project's researchers.There are two archives kept for most of these images:

BSI Digital Archive: a TIFF file at 72/100 d.p.i. resolution is kept for every image displayed in the BSI WEB site

BSI Photographic Archive: a photographic record source, usually a 35 mm. colour slide, although other media exist to a lesser extent (B&W slides, B&W and colour prints, etc.), is kept as the BSI main image archive.

After careful consideration and following the most conservative advice gathered in professional consultation, the BSI project has opted to retain a "hard copy" archival source for the Index' images. The fast-changing technical developments in both digital photography and electronic data processing and storage do not yet provide with safe and reliable continuity standards for image archives. The BSI project will continue to monitor the developments in this area in the hope that a reliable standard of electronic archival may be reached in the future.

Photographic sources

The source for the digital images of the BSI project are chiefly the photographic records gathered by the project's researchers. Other sources are made up by the voluntary contributions of associates, colleagues, friends and the public at large.

Most of the fonts are photographed on location using 35 mm. colour transparency film of professional quality. The film is usually developed and mounted in professional photography laboratories. A lesser part of the material comes on uncontrolled media supplied by contributors, although these are encouraged to produce quality renditions of the objects for research and archival purposes.

Every possible care has been taken in supplying a representative rendition of the baptismal fonts within the limitations of access to the object itself, technical expertise, equipment available and the state of repair of the fonts. Some of the baptismal fonts, especially those made of soft sandstone, are so badly eroded that the original imagery is almost impossible to discern. The placement of the objects makes it at times impossible to have access to parts of it, especially in situations where they have been located in confined spaces, against walls or in blind corners.

Scholars or researches who require quality reproductions of any BSI image for publication or other dissemination purposes should contact the BSI project directly. All images are subject to the laws of copyright. As indicated in the copyright section of this WEB site, contributors to this project retain full copyright ownership of their images.  All other images and database contents are the property of the BSI project.

Digitization process

All BSI images supplied over the WEB site have been digitized from BSI archival material. An effort has been made to provide a true representation of the original object in the digitization process and no attempt has been made at reconstruction or undue enhancement of the original image, thus providing a reliable representation of the object for scholarly and research purposes.

Digitization of the BSI archive sources has been carried out by BSI staff at the facilities provided by the CENTRE FOR ACADEMIC TECHNOLOGY and the DIGITAL STUDIO of the INFORMATION COMMONS at the UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LIBRARY. The directors of the BSI project are grateful to the managers and staff of these centres for the access to the facilities and the friendly and supportive assistance and guidance provided.

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