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Baptisteria Sacra: An Iconographic Index of Baptismal Fonts (BSI) is an independent, academic research project affiliated with Iter:Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance project at the University of Toronto.

Baptisteria Sacra is an international iconographic index of baptismal fonts from the early Christian period to the 17th century made available via the World Wide Web for scholarly research in a searchable electronic format which contains both images and text. The individual record for each work aims to include a complete description of the font and its imagery.

Directors and Advisors


Harriet M. Sonne de Torrens
Miguel A. Torrens

Advisory Board

Jérôme Baschet (C.N.R.S. Paris, France)
Axel Bolvig (Department of History, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Colum Hourihane (Index of Christian Art, Princeton University, USA)
Lennart Karlsson (Statens historiska museum, Stockholm, Sweden)


An undertaking of this magnitude owes much to the pioneer labours of all those art historians, archaeologists, researchers and enthusiastic aficionados who, with their work, have created the knowledge base on which this project stands. As a permanent work-in-progress endeavour, the BSI project benefits from, and encourages the contribution of many individuals at different levels, from the church warden who sends the particulars of his/her font to the dedicated scholar or the avid "fonter" who shares the product of years of labour. Too many to be listed in these preliminaries, their names appear in the font records themselves, clearly identified as sources of the material. To all of them our sincere gratitude.

Photographic Advisors

Doug Matsumura (Toronto, Canada)
Sylvia Oostijen-Matsumura (University of Toronto Library, Canada)

Technical Advisors

Digital Lab (Information Commons, University of Toronto, Canada)
Edwin Bezzina (University of Toronto, Canada)
Marc Lalonde (Information Technology Services, University of Toronto Library, Canada)

And innumerable others who with their help, advice and support make this project possible.


We are actively seeking sponsorship and financial support for the BSI project. If you are interested in supporting this project please contact us.


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